Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016: The Year of Monkey / Changes has started

In the last few years, at the beginning of new year, instead of making resolutions that I most likely don't accomplish, I started reading a new book, more manageable small step goal. Some books were not exactly what I expected and didn't finish reading. Some I enjoyed reading till the end and helped me to form the way I see the world. Among those inspiring page-turners, Bird by Bird has been listed in my best ten in the last ten years. This year, 2016, one of her book reviews caught my heart,

“Lamott’s …most insightful book yet, Stitches offers plenty of her characteristic witty wisdom…this slim, readable volume [is] a lens on life, widening and narrowing, encouraging each reader to reflect on what it is, after all, that really matters.”

Stitches. How catchy and interesting title is this? It is appealing to me anyway. So, this will be my first book to read this year. According to the author, Anne Lamott, my guru, witty and sarcastic spiritual leader,

“Some people have a thick skin and you don’t. Your heart is really open and that is going to cause pain, but that is an appropriate response to this world. "

She continues,

"The cost is high, but the blessing of being compassionate is beyond your wildest dreams. However, you’re not going to feel that a lot in seventh grade. Just hang on.” 

Since I am going to deal with more high teens, the freshmen at some universities, this quote will be a good one to share with them. The book might add more insights to my perspective on a fulfilling life since this year looks like a year of some big changes: my career change, Momo's first part-time job, and lifestyle change of my parents. How would I "stitch" the gap between the comfortable past and the exciting present? Well, it has just begun. To be continued.