Friday, 19 August 2016

Summer Challenge

I never imagined my girl would enjoy this style of dance. She took up piano lessons and cheerleading class when she was 5.  She always enjoys performing arts but it took me by surprise when she decided to join a street dance club at high school. "Street dance?" Back in junior high, she belonged to a brass band club, playing the trombone. She was called, "musically gifted one." from the coach of the club and won some awards at some contests. But interestingly she did not join the same club at high school saying, "I wanna do something different. Something I can really enjoy." It was a completely unexpected comment for I thought she did what she loved. Later I realized whatever you do, you need to face challenging stage to be brilliant at it. She must have been burned out due to the exsessive amount of practice and the strict Brass band club discipline.

Like mother, like daughter: She loves her freedom in life.

It takes a lot of practice and faith in my girl in the time of decition-making for her. As a parent, I wish nothing but the best for her. But what is best for her? Who decide it? Who really knows? From all the stories I read or heard, nobody really knows. Life is interesting due to the uncertainties.  There are certain paths which look safer or conventional than the other choices. But as a teen, I refused to take such a conventional path that my mum suggested.

Did I struggle because of my choice? Yes.
Was it easy? No.
Do I regret what I did? No.
Am I happy? Yes. More than ever.
Why? Because I am in control of my life path and I don't have to ask myself, "What if?"

I had a lot of supports from my family, friends and others. I could not be enjoying my summer vacation without any supports I had. I admit I have been extremely lucky and I have no idea if my girl can also get supports and lucks. But now I can be a bit of support for her to follow her heart. To do something she feels passionate about. She will struggle and might regret what she decided at some points. But it would be nice if you can say, "I've done the best I could!", wouldn't it?

If there is any motherhood or parenting skill test, I might get low grade due to my temparamental and inappropriate behavior as a mum. But my girl keeps finding her passion and live fully depending on her age and circumstances. She may appear as F student at school, but she never given up on living fully and finding the meaning of her presence in this life. As I look at her, working so hard to make the best stage tomorrow with the members of her dance team, I find extreme pride, contentment and happiness in her actions. So, that's enough. More than enough for me.

Momo's summer challenge will be over tomorrow and I am sure she will find absolute pride, contentment and happiness in what she has achieved.  I am glad that I could take part in her challenge  as a supporter.