Wednesday, 7 December 2016


She is the loudest kid in your school. She is often late for the first-period class and came into your class with sleepy eyes and messy hair. She sometimes got some bread crumbs around her mouth. She is so clumsy that she hits against tables, chairs and sometimes even doors and gets little bruises all over her body. She laughs a lot, but she does not like showing her tears. She gets cranky when she faces something heartbreaking incidents. She always ends up taking jobs or responsibilities that nobody wants to take, but she does her best for the others. She always the one who raises her hand when nobody else does in class because the teacher looks troubled. Yet she does not turn in her homework on time unless the teacher forced her to do.  She forgets all the important notifications from school. She is a pain in the neck when it comes to organising. Her room and mind are always messy. She is so forgetful that she always forget helps she offered and the money that she lends to her friends. But she never forgets the helps her friends gave her and hates to borrow any money from her friends. If she does not have enough money to take a train, she will walk even it takes more than an hour. She gets carried away like a little child and her laughter can be annoying. But she is the one who stays with you when you are in trouble. She also listens to her friends even when she is extremely busy. She might look aloof from time to time because she is also a teenager and got some problems that she can't solve. She might look a terrible student with attitude in class because she sees something unfair and unreasonable in her eyes. She is Not perfect at all, but she has a warm heart which adores others and always tries to see things in your perspectives. She is quite slow and makes you upset when she replies to your question so late. But she often has sleepless night trying to find the best answer for you. She often stays up all night thinking the best birthday present for her friends and her family. She keeps all the letters and postcards she has ever gotten. Her desk drawers are filled with those old photos, letters, postcards and even notes. She still sleeps with the stuffed animals and dolls she got when she was little. She packed a hair dryer, irons and other "essentials" (cosmetics) for girls to her school trip leaving no room for her underwears. She spent all of her first salary from the part-time job to buy presents for her family. She enjoys giving Christmas presents to her family. She never forgets birthdays of her family even her dad she has not met for 15 years. She never stops thinking about his happiness. Yes, she is the one who stands in front of the classroom with beaming smile on her face and sits at the back of the room with watery eyes when unfortunate events take place on her classmates.

Her name is Momo. She always wishes to get to know you and become your friend. Your smiles and appreciations fill her heart and keep her going forward when she is in trouble. Your presence comforts her heart when she misses her dad who left her 15 years ago. She has no brothers or sisters. She is a warmhearted girl who can make a best and loyal friend. She deserves love like you do. She deserves to be loved not only by her mum but also by so many of you. She really does.