Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 New year resolution

On the first day in 2017, I was going to write my new year resolution. But my relatives came unexpectedly earlier than I expected, so my busy day started without finishing the first blog on the first day. Since then it's been more than a week and today is the last day of the winter holiday, which means busy days will begin from tomorrow. What have I done during the winter holiday? Chatting with my daughter, shopping, checking SNS, posting some pics on Facebook, partying with some friends and my family, cooking for my family, doing trampoline, jogging, reading a bit, cleaning, planning for some new projects, writing an abstract for a research project, discussing about the potential projects, watching some movies and TV shows and scratching my head a lot (as usual). From the list of things I've done, I can say it was a peaceful, joyful and a bit fruitful holiday except the first medical check-up which was unbelievably painless and easy. But the possibility of having a seriously bad result got me concerned and very philosophical on the previous night. I seriously tried to figure out what to do if I won't be allowed to run like a headless chicken (this was how I felt last year) anymore. I really don't mind working since I was on a long vacation as a student. I, of course, worked a bit, but only one third or fourth of what I did last year. Last year, I didn't have time to go crazy except some moments of absolute irritation towards my own incapacity to handle everything gracefully. Like I said, I looked and acted like a headless chicken, running around the campuses and home with something in my hand - mainly a pen or a spatula. What really irritated me was this image of myself in a panic state without any grace at all. The slow lifestyle I had in the last couple of decades spoiled my mind and I need to train it to be sharper and faster to deal with multitasks at hand. My strategy to tackle this sluggish and forgetful mind issue is to work something with other brilliant minds. It is said, "Two heads are better than one." But collaboration has its own challenges as it requires more communications and compromises. If you are not a team-worker, it might cause you a lot of stress. I see myself as an individual worker like my education and occupation shows- I am a school owner / a part-time lecturer-researcher and took a distance-learning course for my B.A. & M.A. But having worked with other teachers, I realized how empowering teamwork can be. So, it is my resolution: Collaborate with others. Fortunately, there are so many generous people in this world who do not mind working with this headless chicken with no grace. They kindly think I am a unique individual with potential. Ten years ago, I would hesitate to depend on those people's kindness, generosity and talents, but having lived a half century with some minor yet numerous health issues, I feel I can't afford to hesitate anymore. I don't know much, but I know one thing: Every moment creates my future. If I'd like to imagine myself working and living among those who live wholeheartedly pursuing their own life purpose a decade later, I've got to start to live like them NOW. 

Thanks for reading this far. May this year be harmonious and adventurous for you!